Solar Eclipse 2024 Project Collection


To prepare for the Upcoming Solar Eclipse in North American on April, 8th 2024 we have put together a group of projects.

Each crafted for the curious mind and the adventurous soul. This is not merely solar eclipse education. They are projects that equip us to delve into the wonders of the cosmos and allow us to share this fascination with others, spanning generations.

Solar Eclipse Logbook

Solar Eclips Tracking Logbook>

Did you know that there are over 10 distinct things that can happen during an eclipse?

This is a tome to record the fleeting moments of this celestial dance, with the timeless elegance of pen, ink, and paper. It offers a tangible connection to the unique spectacle, crafting a personal memento that whispers, "I bore witness to this singular moment in time."

The Eclipse Tracking Logbook is a printable PDF keepsake book to use for planning and viewing the upcoming Solar Eclipse. With its help, you will be fully prepared for those 10+ events and will know exactly when and where they will occur.

It features detailed sections to log all occurrences during a solar eclipse, including First Contact, Eclipse Phase progression, Baily's Beads, the Diamond Ring, Second Contact, the totality or annularity, Third Contact, and finally the ending. There are also sections for logging sunspots and the solar corona.

Download the Full Color Solar Eclipse Tracking Logbook printable PDF here. Then...

Black and White Version of the Solar Eclipse Tracking Logbook printable BW PDF

Visit the Solar Eclipse Tracking Logbook project page for useage instructions.

Hemisphere Solar Tracker

Hemisphere Solar Tracker>

The Hemisphere Solar Tracker, with its steadfast gaze upon the Sun, offers a tangible glimpse at the marvels of celestial mechanics.

The Hemisphere Solar Tracker is a device designed to observe and record the Sun's movement across the sky. It consists of a hemispherical clear globe equipped with a magnetic compass, a spirit bubble level, and a measuring swing-arm. It allows the user to track the Sun's path, transforming the abstract concept of solar movement into a tangible and interactive learning experience.

Go To the Hemisphere Solar Tracker project page.

Grease Spot Photometer

With the Grease Spot Photometer, you will step into the realm of light and shadow where a mere index card and a smudge of grease transform into instruments through which the mysteries of luminosity are not merely observed, but understood.

This is a upcoming project that we will share the plans and 3D printer files for very soon.

For now we will share a video demonstration called Measure the brightness of the sun with cooking oil and an index card - Science Snacks activity.


These projects are easy to use and easy to share.

Print one for yourself and as many as you would like to give out to friends and family.

By Einida

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