Tiny Watercolor Palette Sketching Kit

Some of the parts of the kit

What is it?

Meet the quintessence of wanderlust and creativity: an artist whose very essence is captured in the fluid lines of their sketches, who is a blend of shadow and light. This is not merely a person, but a living conduit of experiences, each brush stroke a testament to a life lived fully, wildly, in the embrace of the world's most breathtaking vistas. Their companion, a seemingly modest artifact, the "Tiny Watercolor Palette Sketching Kit," is the silent witness to this extraordinary existence.

This artist moves through the world with the grace of a seasoned traveler, their eyes alight with the stories of a thousand cities. They are a creature of both the sunrise over the Sahara and the twilight in the labyrinthine streets of Urbino. Their heart beats equally in sync with the pulsing life of the metropolises and the serene whispers of secluded temples.

They are as exotic as the lands they traverse, a blend of cultures, languages, and hues.

The kit, compact and unassuming in its Altoids Smalls tin, might be the key to their boundless exploration.

Within it lies a spectrum of twelve shades of colors carved meticulously from Derwent Inktense blocks, each one as vivid and diverse as the artist's journeys.

Engineered with care, the 3D printed insert cradles these pigments, and is secured with a magnetic wrist strap, the kit is as much a part of the artist as their intuition for the next adventure. It enables a life where borders fade, and the earth's endless beauty becomes a personal gallery. With every brush stroke laid down on paper, they not only map the physical landscapes but chart the inner journey that each new horizon inspires.

This artist, with their Tiny Watercolor Palette Sketching Kit, embodies the dream of a life untethered, a symphony of experiences played out in watercolor. They are proof that to hold this kit is to hold the possibility of the world in your hands, to carry with you the essence of every place you've ever dreamed of painting.

The Tiny Watercolor Palette is an invitation to live a life that others can only yearn for, a call to make the entire globe your studio, without ever missing a beat in the rhythm of your heart's desire to create, explore, and immortalize the fleeting moments that make life truly magnificent.






3D Printed Palette with Paint Mixing Palette

Use these files:


The Saw Jig

Use these files:

Watercolor "All Color Chart" Files

The Watercolor "All Color Chart" Files!

Behold the marvel that is the Watercolor Chemistry Set! A chart that unveils the clandestine dance of hues. With the grace of a alchemist it will precisely chart a palette's harmonious mingling. The chart accomodates mixing up to 12 colors in every conceiveable 1:1 combination.

Watercolor Chemistry Set Preview>


Altoids Smalls Tin

Altoids Smalls Tin and Palette

  • Press the palette firmly into the Altoids Smalls Tin. It's a tight fit, but with enough pressure, it should "Click" right in.

Press the Palette into the Altoids Smalls Tin

Optionial steps for extra security:

  • Peel the backing from one side of the 3M double sided tape (optional step)
  • Press firmly into the bottom of the Altoid Smalls Tin.
  • Peel off the other side of the tape.
  • Press the palette onto the tape firmly.

Altoids Smalls Tin with Palette

  • You choose which side the Paint Mixing Palette will be on, depending whether you are right-handed or left-handed.


The parts of the Saw Jig

  • The Parts of the Saw Jig

The Saw Jig Mount The Saw Jig Mount, a different view

  • The yellow part of the Jig is the Saw Jig Mount.

The Saw Jig Stop

  • The white part of the Jig is the Saw Jig Stop.

The Saw Jig Stop

  • Here is the Saw Jig Groove. It's the spot where the blade of the Saw will go.

The underside of the Saw Jig Mount

  • Here is the underside of the Saw Jig.
  • Measure the holes on the bottom of the Saw Jig Mount.
  • Mark the placement of the holes onto the Cutting Board. This is the base.
  • Using the 7/64" or 9/64" size drill bit, drill 2 holes into the base.

The screws are placed in the base of the Jig

  • Place the two 2 x 1-1/4" #6-32 Bolts Pan Head Phillips screws through the holes in the base.

The Saw Jig Mount on screws

  • Place the Saw Jig Mount onto the two screws.

The Saw Jig Mount with Wingnuts

  • Add the two Wingnuts to secure this part of the jig to the base.

The Saw Jig Stop joined with the Saw Jig Mount

  • Stick the Saw Jig Stop onto the Saw Jig Mount.

Screws added

  • Place the two 2 x 2-1/2" #6-32 Bolts Pan Head Phillips screws through both parts of the jig.

Wingnuts added

  • Add the Wingnuts.
  • Tighten the Wingnuts.
  • You are now ready to cut the blocks!


Here are the gathered tools

  • Gather your Jig, the Jeweler's Saw, a paper plate (or paper towel) and the Inktense Blocks.

The Yellow Block inserted into the jig

  • Place the Yellow Inktense block into Jig.

Using the Jeweler's Saw

  • Slide the blade of the Jeweler's Saw into the groove of the jig.
  • Saw all the way through the block.
  • Set the main part of the block aside.

Using the Jeweler's Saw

  • Use a toothpick to push the block out of the jig.

Put the Yellow block into the palette

  • Place the Yellow Inktense block into the first hole of the palette.

Palette Filling

  • Now, repeat those steps for each color.

Palette filling all

  • Follow the color order in this photo. The proper order of the Inktense blocks is critical for doing the Chemistry Set Experiment.


  • Place the magnet holder onto your wrist.

The Magnet Holder

  • Close the velco straps.

Place the Altoids Smalls Tin on the Magnet Holder

  • Stick the Altoids Smalls Tin to the Magnet Holder.

Open the tin

  • Open the Altoids Smalls Tin.

Remove the Paint Mixing Palette

  • Remove the Paint Mixing Palette. Stick it into the hole of the Palette.

The completed Project

  • Begin to paint.


The small Pocket Brush

  • Here is your small Pocket Brush. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to paint wonderful results!

It's only 4 1/4" long!

  • Unfold the Pocket Brush.

The Pocket Brush waiting to be folded...

Viola! It's unfolded.

  • Put the top of the brush onto the base. Now you have a 4 1/2" sized brush to start painting your adventures!


The Pocket Spray Bottle

  • This Pocket Spray Bottle is is Pocket Sized!

The Spray Bottle

  • You can use the spray nozzle to do "wet-on-wet" paintings. This is where you spray the watercolor paper, and then apply the wet paint.

Remove the spray mechanism

  • You can also remove the spray mechanism and dip your paint brush INTO the bottle!

The Pocket Spray Bottle and the Pocket Brush

  • This Pocket Spray Bottle is only 4 1/2" long. It works perfectly with your Pocket Brush.


A finished Chemistry Set!

Two drops of water

  • Start your chemistry experiment by painting placing 2 drops of water onto the lid of your Altoid Small Tin.
  • Add color 1 with your brush.

Color 1 has been added

  • Apply color 1 to water drop 1.
  • Clean your brush.
  • Add color 12 to your brush.

Color 12 has been added to waterdrop 2

  • Apply color 12 to water drop 2.
  • Clean your brush.

Two colors mixed together

  • Mix the two colored water drops together.

Close up photo of the hexagon

  • Color in the first hexagon.
  • Repeat the color mixing, until all of the hexagons have been filled. Look at the tiny white numbers on the edge of each hexagon to see which colors to mix.
  • Congratulations! Your Watercolor Chemistry Set is complete!

Gadget School Lessons

Lesson 01: We discovered how Inktense Blocks can be used as a watercolor pigment. They are fantastic! Not only are the colors very bright, but once they dry, they are permanent. It's a very neat addition to the world of watercolor!

Lesson 02: Body awareness. Wearing a palette on the wrist is not for the faint-hearted. Nor is it for people who talk with their hands. When the lid is open, you must have complete awareness of where your palette arm is at all times. If your judgement lapses, you are liable to fling Inktense Blocks everywhere. We do NOT recommend this.


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